Christopher M. Hobbs

General family man, domestic punk, mercenary developer, network cowboy, free software advocate, and armchair activist. I do filthy, nerdy things...

Projects and Affiliations

I maintain a small network to share computing resources with friends and family. It can be found at A status ping is available here.

I currently work as a Senior Software Engineer for Malwarebytes and I run a small consultancy called Ascia Technologies, LLC.

Most of my code is unfortunately locked away in proprietary silos but once in a while things get sent out to the wild. In the past, I created "laraib", a client library for I have also contributed to sinatra-authentication, and the linkedin gem.

During my time at Acumen Brands, I worked on several libraries that were later "liberated". Contributions include: casual_jacket, wyatt, wyatt_netsuite, and rest_suite.

I am an amateur radio operator (KD5RYO). My interests lie in working satellites (primarily SO-50), SWL, SDR, and QRP. I am a member of NAQCC (#8710) and I am working on my CW. I am also a member of the SDF Amateur Radio Club. I am always tinkering with radio, hobby electronics, and computers. More info about all of that is on my QRZ bio.

I like to submit podcasts to Hacker Public Radio whenever I can. My correspondent page (and list of episodes) is available here.

I am an avid gardener and general DIY advocate. I like to tend to my plants, build/fix things around the house, and occasionally do some sewing. I enjoy nature and hike often. More recently I've taken to repairing/modifying and shooting air guns in my back yard to get a little more time outdoors and some more time tinkering.

While I enjoy a number of video and board games, I am especially interested in Go. I am a member of the Fayetteville Go Club, a chapter of the American Go Association. I play and study the game relatively casually. My player card is available here. Lately, I have been playing as "cmhobbs" on IGS, OGS, and KGS.

I am a member of the Free Software Foundation (#11090), admin on the Free Software Directory, member of the the SDF Public Access UNIX System (MetaARPA #00198), and I have helped organize a local Ruby developer group in some capacity from about 2008-2016. I started golang weekly back in 2012 but it has since changed hands. Many years ago, I worked with the openSUSE project on the GNOME and "a11y" teams.

I am a member of Key Lodge #7 where I served as W:.M:. in 2014 and as Secretary from 2015-2016 and 2018-2019.


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